Ep 047 – Is There Anyone Else Making Heaps Of Cash Off AFL Punting

Ep 047 - Is There Anyone Else Making Heaps Of Cash Off AFL Punting

This is the MugPunters.com.au podcast for Thursday 27th April 2017 and coming up in this week’s episode:

  • The Melbourne Storm are on top of the NRL ladder after beating the Warriors and Chris Brown is on top of the AMA charts after beating his missus
  • The Essendon Bombers have been heavily criticised following a $32 hike in ticket prices for the ANZAC day blockbuster, whilst AFL fans claim they would have been happy to pay double that for the privilege of seeing Collingwood get smoked and were happy to cough up even more just to see the smug grin wiped off Eddie McGuire’s face
  • Serena Williams claims the announcement of her pregnancy was a slip up with a photo accidentally upload to snapchat. Fortunately she took it on the chin whilst fiance Alexis Ohanian claims that’s where it should have ended in the first place
    • Seriously though boys, I had about 50 jokes I could have used here, but I thought I go a little risque with this one

PLUS NBA finals, A-League semi’s and almost as many bets as poor jokes!

Worthwhile Weekly Wagers


Freemantle to get home with the 18.5 start against the West Coast
Into Richmond to get home with the very generous 33.5 start against the Crows


NRL Bulldogs v Raiders total match points under 40.5 @ $1.90


** Not Mills official WWW **
Get on anything William Pike is riding in the last at Ascot!


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