Ep 049 – White Line Fever in the NRL As We Keep Piling on the Winners

Ep 049 - White Line Fever in the NRL As We Keep Piling on the Winners

This is a special Mother’s Day MugPunters.com.au podcast for Thursday 11th May 2017 and coming up in this week’s episode:

  • New Zealand comprehensively lose the ANZAC rugby league test despite Kevin Proctor and Jesse Bromwich getting over the white line several times on game night
  • Cronulla Sharks Chairman Damian Keogh steps down amidst another scandal in the shire whilst in seemingly unrelated and more positive news is set to join Shaun Kenny-Dowall importing headphones from Columbia with what is alleged to be excellent street value
  • The AFL heads to China, but with dangerous air quality and a 22 hour flight cramped in economy class, one of the game’s greats in Wayne Carey has suggested he would have pulled out… which also would have been great advice for Wayne when he was busy banging Anthony Steven’s wife Kelli back in 2002

Plus we’ve got big group 1 racing from Brisbane and Adelaide, Boxing, Rugby Union, Cycling and a big tennis spat between two of our favourites!

Worthwhile Weekly Wagers


  • Raiders to beat the Knights this week
  • Penrith to beat the Knights next week
  • Multi into Nairo Quintana to win the Giro (again)

A collect of over $3


Work hard and be good to your mother


Doomben R6
#3 Neverland

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