Episode 001 – 2015 Tour de France Overall Winner

Episode 001 - Mug Punters - Tour de France

In today’s episode, join PK, Bartz and Mills as they take a look at the basics of following the Tour de France and then see if they can pick an overall winner for the race.

With three grueling weeks of riding ahead, finding a winner in the ultimate cycling endurance test can often be a difficult one. Listen as these three blokes pretend to know what they are talking about and blindly throw bets at a market which they know they should stay well clear of.

Who were their selections and how much Mug Bucks did they spend on their picks? Find out in Episode 001.

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  1. Bartz says:

    Outstanding podcast, full of insight, a work of art!

    Surely it’s kosher to pump up your own podcast ..right?…anyone?!